Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Time-Starved Managers Turn To Innovative Mini-MBAs Online - Seb Murray, Business Because

“It acts as a complement,” says Peter Methot, managing director of executive education at Rutgers Business School, which runs up to 18 “mini MBAs” on topics such as entrepreneurship and digital marketing. “The mini-MBA also serves the purpose of focusing on a specific subject matter in a condensed period of time,” he adds. Where MBA degrees are expensive, mini courses cost as little as $5,000 and have relaxed entry requirements. They are targeting middle-managers, according to Alan Middleton, executive director of the Schulich School of Business’ Executive Education Centre. “The mini-MBA tends to get people later on in their careers,” he says, who want to move into broader responsibilities or more senior roles. “They don’t really have time to go back [to business school] for a year or an 18 month program,” Alan adds.

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