Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Challenges lie ahead of UA: The university will need strong leadership and support from the state = Fairbanks News Miner Editorial

The next University of Alaska president will need to be someone who can forcefully make the case for adequately providing for the university. Leading a university isn’t a simple task, but it is a little easier to do in times of plentiful resources. This is not such a time. And there’s no telling when it will change for the better. Facing an uncertain fiscal future isn’t something new for the University of Alaska. It was back in January 1998 that then-UA President Jerome Komisar, in a news release announcing his retirement after eight years on the job, referenced declining state funding. “Diminishing state resources has been the great disappointment of the last several years,” President Komisar said at the time. “You cannot build the university the people of Alaska want and deserve without a greater commitment of state resources." http://www.newsminer.com/opinion/editorials/challenges-lie-ahead-of-ua-the-university-will-need-strong/article_680d6ca6-8818-11e4-9449-1b676c4d309a.html

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