Monday, December 15, 2014

Technology vital for accessible education says expert - Open Polytechnic

Technology holds the key to lowering the cost of quality higher education in both developed and developing countries, says international open and distance learning expert, Sir John Daniel. Visiting New Zealand at the invitation of Open Polytechnic and speaking at a hosted event in Wellington last night, the former Vice-Chancellor of the UK Open University described the “Iron Triangle” of cost, quality and access which he said had created in people’s minds an “insidious” link between quality and exclusivity in education. “Pack more students into the classroom to raise access and you will be accused of damaging quality. Try to raise the quality with more or better teachers and learning resources and the cost will go up. Cut costs directly and you may threaten both access and quality,” he said. “To stretch the triangle and achieve, simultaneously, wider access, higher quality and lower cost, you need technology.”

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