Tuesday, December 30, 2014

UW-Eau Claire faces $4.5 million budget deficit, could mean job cuts - Jesse Yang, WQOW

UW-Eau Claire's stash of cash is running low and that could mean job cuts for some faculty and staff come next year. Mike Rindo, UW-Eau Claire's assistant chancellor for facilities and university relations, said, “We're taking a look at how we can reduce our expenses, how much money we're spending and increase our revenues through additional student enrollment in order to offset that anticipated structural deficit." The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is facing one of the largest budget reductions in its history: a structural deficit of $4.5 million from its general operations budget. Rindo said, "It's a little deeper cut than what we expected in the past, and this time, we are going to see personnel reductions, and that's difficult." http://www.wqow.com/story/27644898/2014/12/16/uw-eau-claire-faces-45-million-budget-deficit

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