Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Brookdale cuts staff in face of financial crisis - ADAM C. UZIALKO, News Transcript

The Brookdale Community College board of trustees voted 11-1 to approve the president’s proposal for a reduction in force that eliminates 47 positions at the college. The action, which was taken at the board’s Dec. 11 meeting, will eliminate a $5.5 million deficit in the college’s budget, according to Board Chairman Dr. Carl Guzzo. “The anticipated savings of what we did tonight will close the deficit,” Guzzo said. Under the plan, there will be a net reduction of 47 positions. A total of 208 positions will be eliminated, 35 of which are vacant. A total of 127 new positions will be created to more closely align job functions to the redesigned departments, according to a Brookdale spokesman. http://nt.gmnews.com/news/2015-01-01/Schools/Brookdale_cuts_staff_in_face_of_financial_crisis.html

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