Sunday, January 4, 2015

Death of UAB football: Anger remains, but study banks on healing - Jon Solomon, CBS Sports

The decision by the University of Alabama at Birmingham to drop football continues to be met by anger within the university community. UAB faculty members drafted a no-confidence resolution against university president Ray Watts for failing to share governance of the school with the faculty. Students at a UAB basketball game chanted for him to be fired. Some financial giving is drying up, including a $45,000 sponsorship for the Blazer IMG Sports Network that was canceled, reported earlier this month. Watts has expressed regret over how he handled the decision that made UABthe first major college football program to drop football in 19 years. The outrage doesn't appear to be going away, but UAB's athletic financial projections -- not to mention the university's $1 billion fundraising drive -- bank on good feelings returning soon.

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