Tuesday, January 27, 2015

University announces tuition increases, staff furloughs to ease $15.6M budget cut, Ellie Silverman, University of Maryland Diamondback

State mandated budgets cuts will lead this university to increase tuition for the upcoming spring semester as well as implement furloughs for faculty, staff and administrator positions, according to an email sent to the university community this afternoon. “The state just cut so much money and I want people to know, this isn’t anything [University President Wallace] Loh wanted, this isn’t anything the university wanted, this is the state’s fault,” said Student Government Association President Patrick Ronk. “The state really did this to us.” The state’s Department of Budget and Management announced a $40.3M cut for the University System of Maryland budget, leaving this university with a $15.6M budget cut, according to the email. http://www.diamondbackonline.com/news/campus/article_b614e8ec-9dd6-11e4-8009-1fe8bbdcc645.html

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