Monday, March 9, 2015

Illinois Gov. Rauner balances budget on backs of college kids - Susan Henking, Chicago Sun Times

This so-called “education governor” hasn’t made many friends with the academy in recent weeks, despite running on a platform lobbying for more money for education. Rauner is pushing a budgetary platform that gives close $300 million to K-12 education while reducing higher education funding by $400 million. In total, the budget spends $600 million less on local governments and $1.5 million less on Medicaid. This, by all accounts, is robbing Peter to pay Paul. James Applegate, executive director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education, has said “such budget cuts would thwart the people who most need a college degree from earning one.” As we make decisions like this, we make the very same mistake we made that got us into the pension debacle: we address current issues in a way that ignores and risks our joint future.

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