Thursday, April 16, 2015

UW-Eau Claire releases update on impending budget cuts - Josh Spreiter, WEAU

"We need to be strategic about reductions by preserving the student experience and in some ways enhance it," says Mike Rindo with UW-Eau Claire. Here's how they're looking to accomplish that goal. First, the voluntary separation incentive program announced last month gives employees 50% of their yearly salary if they voluntarily leave. They need to be older than 55 and have five years of service to the university. Mike Rindo says 325 of the university employees were eligible to apply. They received 115 applications. "Our intention is to accept as many applications for the incentive program and possible, and so they're may be some critical positions that we may not do without," says Rindo. Secondly, the university has also recently created what it calls the "Rapid Action Task Force." Its job is to look at overlapping programs while maintaining a set of standards, or "guideposts."

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