Monday, April 27, 2015

UW Stevens Point continues preparing for a reduced state budget - Larry Lee, WSAU

The Wisconsin state budget is far from completed, but UW campuses all over the state are talking about how to live with a lot less funding next year. UW Stevens Point is no exception. Greg Summers is the Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at UW Stevens Point. He says one of the tools they and other campuses are using is to offer a voluntary separation incentive to university staff that might want to retire early. "It's a voluntary separation incentive, which means that if folks are eligible to retire and they meet certain standards that are outlined in the program, they can make the voluntary decision to retire with some incentive, with some financial incentive from the institution, and that's another tool that our universities are trying to use to avoid what we think may be the need for involuntary layoffs, so it's a little bit different." Summers says not all UW Stevens Point's 11-hundred plus staff would be eligible for the separation incentives.

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