Friday, May 29, 2015

Frederick Community College trustees ponder impending budget decisions - JEREMY BAUER-WOLF, News Post

The Frederick Community College board of trustees continues to mull its fiscal 2016 operating budget, in light of increases in the school’s health care costs and a downturn in enrollment. Because of the slide in enrollment, despite the fact that the board previously voted to increase tuition, revenue from tuition is down by roughly $143,000 from fiscal 2015. In April, the board voted to increase in-state tuition by $2 per credit, with an uptick of 1.75 percent for all other tuition and fees. The college has already endured a cut to state aid in fiscal 2015 of approximately $136,000, which will carry over into next year. But the county contribution has increased by $627,000 for the next year, which offsets some of the rising health care insurance costs, an estimated 16 percent more, said Dana McDonald, vice president for administration. “It’s just a dog-eat-dog world out here,” said board chairwoman Debra Borden.

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