Saturday, June 27, 2015

Budget Update June 2015 - Western Illinois University

As many of you are aware, WIU's state appropriation has declined from $64.3 million in FY'02 to $51.4 in FY'15. This 20.9 percent ($12.9 million) reduction continues to have a dramatic impact on Western. We must cut nearly $4 million in appropriated expenditures for Fiscal Year 2016. Given the preliminary budget that has passed in Springfield and these reductions, we still anticipate a $6 million budget shortfall for FY'16. We will be faced with even more challenges in the coming years. These challenges must lead to discussions about how we deliver education to our students, and the types of programs we offer. They must drive us to consider change. It will take leadership and courage from the entire University so Western emerges stronger and with more resolve for our mission than ever before. I am asking the University community for understanding regarding the upcoming reductions and to embrace the changes that will be necessary for Western to remain a leading university in public higher education. -Jack Thomas, President

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