Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Students Protest University of Chicago Budget Cuts, Say Admin Is “Acting Like a Corporation” - MIRIAM SHESTACK, In These Times

“UChicago says they’re broke, we know that’s a goddamn joke!” chanted about 60 students and alumni as they gathered outside the University of Chicago Admissions Office Thursday afternoon. The university faced its second sit-in in two days with a dozen imminently graduating seniors gathering to protest the University of Chicago’s proposed budget cuts of 5-6% to all non-academic staff and student positions, with academic departments taking at 2% hit. The protestors, who arrived ready in their graduation caps and gowns, say that they are responding to budget cuts totaling near $30 million. They say the cuts will mean the firing of low-wage and mid-level campus workers, layoffs and freezes to student employment, and tuition and fee increases in all departments and divisions. These cuts come at a time when the university has poured $1.5 billion into campus remodeling in recent years and is in the middle of a $4.5 billion capital campaign.

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