Wednesday, July 29, 2015

LSU athletic department transfers $10.05 million to the university’s academic fund, nearly $3 million more than required - SCOTT RABALAIS, the Advocate

The LSU athletic department announced Monday that it will transfer $10.05 million to the university’s academic fund this year, nearly $3 million more than is required by the school’s Athletics Fund Transfer Policy. The policy went into effect in 2012, guaranteeing a $7.2 million payment from LSU’s athletic department to academics, plus a portion of any surplus the athletic department may end up with each fiscal year. “This surplus comes on the heels of an extremely challenging budget year, and the real beneficiaries will be our students,” LSU President F. King Alexander said in a news release. “Few athletic departments across the country have the capacity to give back to their university the way ours does, and we appreciate their deep commitment to all our students.”

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