Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Budget cuts will mean re-booting of UW-Extension - Jan Shepel, Wisconsin Farmer

After taking a 10 percent budget cut in its "core, base resources," the University of Wisconsin's Extension service will need to make some changes. But how best to make those changes and still serve the many communities that have come to depend on it is an ongoing process. The way Wisconsin's extension service is structured is "fundamentally different from any other state," said Rick Klemme, Dean and Director of UW Extension during a recent speech at the UW's Arlington Agricultural Research Station. One of the challenges here, he noted, is that Wisconsin's agricultural diversity is different from most other Midwestern states. In our neighbors to the south and west, a few commodity crops account for most of the agricultural activity in the states. Here, we have everything from muck farms to ginseng to cranberries and dairy with a host of other enterprises in between. http://www.wisfarmer.com/news/headlines/budget-cuts-will-mean-re-booting-of-uw-extension-b99568910z1-323800671.html

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