Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cash flow woes: Pennsylvania schools feeling the pinch of the Pa. budget impasse - Mark Pynes, Penn Live

The budget impasse has already begun affecting college students awaiting deposits into their accounts of their state grants from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency. Schools are crediting student accounts even though it hasn't been received if the grant money was to help cover tuition, fees, room or board. But for some students, the grant money was their means to buy books or cover off-campus living expenses this semester. At Shippensburg University, William Sommers, associate vice president of enrollment management, said, "We're doing our best to help those students who are in need to the extent we can." Same thing at Penn State University where 18,000 students are waiting on the state to release a combined total of about $25 million in state grant money for the fall semester.

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