Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nursing students sue Colby-Sawyer College after failing crowded course - WMUR

Three nursing students have sued a New Hampshire college after they failed a required course that was overbooked. The students from Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island say Colby-Sawyer College needed to "thin the herd" of nursing students, so it failed them. Colby-Sawyer requires its nursing students to complete a course - usually in the sophomore year - that includes classroom instruction, lab work and a clinical internship. The pass-fail course taught in the spring is limited to 36 students; the lawsuit says 51 students applied for it in 2014. The college offered the remaining 15 students three options, including a summer course taken by the three who sued. Of the 15 students who took the summer course, 11 failed, were induced to changed majors or left the program. The summer course cost the students $1,800 in tuition plus $100 a week for room and board.

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