Friday, September 4, 2015

UW campus officials prepare for new year after tumultuous summer - Karen Herzog, Journal Sentinel

After a summer of turmoil over budget cuts and tenure protections, chancellors in the University of Wisconsin System now must convince faculty and staff that all is not doom and gloom as a new academic year begins this week. A defiant UW-Madison Chancellor Becky Blank, who won't address her faculty in person until Oct. 5, has vowed to do everything possible to fend off competitors who attempt to lure away her best and brightest researchers. Wisconsin's higher education woes were widely broadcast to a national audience as Gov. Scott Walker launched his presidential bid while he and state lawmakers were cutting education spending. During their traditional fall address to faculty and staff, chancellors are highlighting past successes and future plans in an effort to lead the way forward. Some are avoiding the elephant in the room — the $250 million in funding cuts the next two years — as others acknowledge the upheaval while still expressing optimism.

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