Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New U of I President Says Budget Impasse Could Have Long-Term Implications - Greg Sapp, the X Radio

Illinois' budget impasse harms an economic engine with solutions for the state's economic problems, the new University of Illinois president told the Illinois Farm Bureau board last week in Bloomington. “In my mind, you can’t tax or cut your way out,” said President Timothy Killeen. “You grow your way out of it with a 21st century, can-do, know-how economy ... Illinois needs an innovative ecosystem, and we want to be the engine.” Asked about recently announced cuts to U of I crop research farms, Killeen said the step was “a budget-constraint decision made in ACES (the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences) ... It’s a harbinger of what we’re facing if higher education is not in the budget.” The Brownstown crop research farm was among those closed. http://www.thexradio.com/news/78-local-news/19000-new-u-of-i-president-says-budget-impasse-could-have-long-term-implications

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