Friday, October 16, 2015

U Wisconsin Chancellor Blank addresses budget in “State of the University” speech - ANNE BLACKBOURN, Badger Herald

At the Faculty Senate Monday, Chancellor Blank spoke to faculty about the current “state of the university” addressing issues of budget, tenure and shared governance. Due to the large budget cuts, Blank said University of Wisconsin was handed a $86 million deficit that was effective July 1. But Blank said this is not anything new, and states around the country have been cutting back on higher education. This is something that has been happening for 25 years, she said. To make up for the deficit, Blank said the university has asked the Board of Regents to increase the cap of out-of-state tuition for the next two years as well as raise the number of out-of-state students allowed to attend the university. Blank further cited the importance of being able to attract students to the university from the state of Wisconsin to keep them in-state.

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