Sunday, November 29, 2015

How Illinois’ Budget Stalemate is Impacting Public Universities - Eddie Arruza, WTTW

Illinois has gone nearly five months without a state budget and with each passing day, organizations around the state are finding it more difficult to operate. Among them are the state’s 12 public universities. None has received any funds from the state since July and a plea by all 12 university presidents to legislative leaders and Gov. Bruce Rauner to end their standoff and agree on a budget has had no effect. In the meantime, the universities are burning through tuition money and reserves to keep their classrooms open. Here to tell us how much of an impact the budget crisis is having at their respective universities are Chicago State University President Wayne Watson, Northeastern Illinois University President Sharon Hahs, University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen and Governors State University President Elaine Maimon.

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