Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In Illinois, budget stalemate worries community colleges - Ed Finkel, CCDaily

Republican ​Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says Democrats should either agree to some of his pro-business agenda or pass a balanced budget, and a tax hike, without his support. ​Four months after the start of Illinois’ fiscal year, the state’s Republican governor and Democratic-controlled legislature are at an impasse in terms of passing a new budget, with entrenched disagreements over how to close the state’s yawning fiscal gap. Community colleges in the state will make it through the fall semester unscathed by these skirmishes. But as they plan for spring semester, with decisions about staffing and course offerings needing to be made imminently, schools to varying degrees are looking at cutbacks. Adult education, Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants and part-time faculty — and the courses they would teach — are among the possibilities. http://www.ccdaily.com/Pages/Funding/In-Illinois-budget-stalemate-worries-community-colleges.aspx

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