Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sheridan College EXPECTING SHORTFALL IN BUDGET - Rustin Burr, Bighorn Mountain Radio

Sheridan College President, Dr. Paul Young, explained to district employees last week the many moving pieces affecting the College District’s next two-year budget for the period July 2016 through June 2018. “We are still fairly early in the budgeting process, but we are concerned about what we are hearing from Cheyenne,” said Dr. Young. “Local county valuation, enrollment, and of course the State contribution, part of which is based on enrollment, are all pieces that contribute to our budget.” Approximately 65 percent of the College’s current $27 million budget comes from the State of Wyoming, 25 percent from student tuition and fees, and 10 percent from local taxes. According to Young, the College has seen a significant decrease in the percentage from Sheridan County taxes, and has had to rely on both the State and growth in student population to help make up the difference. “Our local valuation has continued to decrease over the past few years, which has led us to take steps to tighten and better control our spending,” said Young. “Because this piece of the pie has already been shrinking, we are even more aware of what it means for the State piece to potentially shrink.”

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