Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Someday, the school name on your college diploma won’t be the most important thing - Jeffrey J. Selingo, Washington Post

Today’s economy demands higher-level skills that are best learned through a mash-up of hands-on activities and different classes in various academic disciplines. That’s the experience employers want in today’s job candidates, but aren’t always sure they are getting with a one-dimensional bachelor’s degree. Think of those silly endorsements for skills we all get on our LinkedIn profiles. What if they were verified by a trusted source — a test, a school, or an individual with deep knowledge of a subject? It could open up job opportunities to a broader array of students who didn’t go to top schools. Sure, the name on a diploma would probably still matter in a hiring process full of hidden biases, but it wouldn’t be the only signal that someone is fit for a job.

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