Wednesday, January 13, 2016

As States Cut Funding, Tuition at Public Colleges Soars - Beth Braverman, the Fiscal Times

On average, states have cut funding per student by 21 percent since the recession. Tuition at public schools has increased 28 percent over the same period. (Private school tuition has increased about 20 percent in that period, according to the College Board.) Tuition hikes vary greatly by state, with Ohio, Missouri and Maryland seeing total increases of less than 10 percent since 2008. The cost of public higher education in some other states has skyrocketed, led by Arizona (72 percent), Georgia (68 percent) and Louisiana (66 percent). Analysts graded each of the states on its support for higher education, with 19 states receiving a failing grade, up from 11 states last year. Wyoming was the only state in the country to receive a grade of “A” on the report.

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