Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It’s the Learning, Stupid - Jamie Merisotis | President and CEO, Lumina Foundation; Evollution

I don’t think I can overstate this point when it comes to the redesigned higher education system: We must focus on learning outcomes as the true measure of educational quality. Not time, not institutional reputation, but genuine learning. That is, those competencies that are informed by the real world in which students must thrive. More important, until fairly recently, employers often associated where people went to college with the quality of education they received. But as a recent survey of employers showed, employers are no longer on board with this outdated idea: Only 14 percent believe colleges and universities are preparing students adequately for work.[13] Indeed, another survey of college alumni conducted by Gallup and Purdue University found that the factors associated with having a great job and a great life—workplace engagement and personal well-being—have no correlation with where you went to school. None. Ivy League versus public university, Top 100 rated versus others. It didn’t matter. http://evolllution.com/revenue-streams/workforce_development/its-the-learning-stupid/

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