Thursday, January 7, 2016

The New College Degree: In an Unbundled World, Curation is King - Matt Pittinsky and Mike Buttry, EdSurge

So what does a curated degree of the future look like? The success of short-term immersive programs or “coding academies” may provide a window into this future. Most coding academies offer unbundled courses, but it is their immersive, curated programs that are proving to be career game-changers while driving intense student demand and interest from policymakers. General Assembly, for instance, succeeds because it curates academic pathways that cultivate non-cognitive capabilities like perseverance and collaboration in addition to teaching technical skills such as coding and data science. By helping students not only acquire specific short-term skills but also develop a greater capacity for ongoing personal development, boot camps solve a problem for employers while sending a powerful signal about the long-term potential of their graduates. As a curator, General Assembly also removes the guesswork for job seekers who want to understand the skills that employers value.

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