Friday, January 29, 2016

WIU looks to curb enrollment decline by offering in-state tuition to all students - JARED RANSOM, WQAD

Starting in the Fall, every student in the country can qualify for in-state tuition at WIU at a rate of around $8,500 a year. Bierman says this change can help turn the declining enrollment numbers around, while also preventing any other major staff changes during the budget impasse. "We need to remain affordable to our students and we need to align our costs to our revenue. So, that`s going to require us to pull back a little bit, but we still think that`s the right thing to do for our students," Bierman said. While they won't know any hard numbers until a few days into the next Fall semester, Bierman says they'll get an indication on if this move is working as early as March.

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