Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lake Land makes budget cuts while awaiting delayed state funding - ROB STROUD, JG-TC

Lake Land College has been implementing budget cuts while continuing to wait on nearly $12 million that it is owed by the state for the current fiscal year. Lake Land President Josh Bullock said he is hopeful that either the Democrat-backed community college funding bill that the Illinois House and Senate passed on Thursday or a proposed alternative plan from Republican legislators will spur the state to meet its funding commitments to higher education. Bullock said the state funding delay prompted Lake Land to have each of its departments cut 25 percent of their individual operating budgets this fall, a move that has saved $1.4 million. http://jg-tc.com/news/lake-land-makes-budget-cuts-while-awaiting-delayed-state-funding/article_c498353e-d98f-59a3-b2f3-128c9c78c8e8.html

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