Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A THREAT TO THE UNIVERSITY - Kathryn Dufresne, the Northern Light As the chair of the University of Alaska subcommittee, Rep. Tammie Wilson holds the future of over 32,000 students in her hands, and yet she is proposing some of the deepest cuts in UA system history. Wilson proposed $288 million for a general funding level for the UA system, then upped it to $300 million, through influence in what I can only assume was pressure from her fellow subcommittee members, Wilson is still seeking up to $60 million worth of cuts. These cuts would have the potential to reduce 450 to 500 positions, possibly eliminating programs, tenured professors, and even advisors. University President Jim Johnsen responded to these cuts saying that “it’s not a good number at all.” http://www.thenorthernlight.org/a-threat-to-the-university/

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