Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lawmakers hopeful on SCSU debt deal - DALE LINDER-ALTMAN, T&D

Despite different views on how it should be done, local lawmakers say the House and Senate will agree on a plan to restructure South Carolina State University’s $18 million debt to the state. “We recognize that S.C. State is very important to the state and the economic development of Orangeburg,” said Sen. Brad Hutto, D-Orangeburg. “Since the new board has come on board, it’s made great strides in handling its financial issues,” he said. “We recognize that and see the value of that. By the end of June, we will have come up with a plan to aid S.C. State and put it on an economically stable path.” The House wrote a plan into its 2017 budget that would forgive a $12 million loan and give the institution $4.6 million to fix up Truth Hall, S.C. State’s largest dormitory. http://thetandd.com/news/local/lawmakers-hopeful-on-scsu-debt-deal/article_e5e11840-abda-50d9-b64d-a2c22f2fb308.html

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