Thursday, April 21, 2016

Message from Western Illinois University President - Western Illinois University

Due to the budget impasse, which is now in its 10th month, it is with much regret that I announce additional layoffs of approximately 110 non-instructional staff at Western Illinois University. Individuals facing layoffs will be given the appropriate 30-day notice. Within the next week, those individuals who are impacted will receive a letter. Other additional measures are also immediately necessary. As of this week, all appropriated budgets have been swept and funds from those accounts are being held at the vice presidential level. To further limit spending, all P-Card purchasing is suspended, unless authorized by the division's respective vice president. We must conserve all cash resources. Despite the ongoing furlough/voluntary pay reduction program and the drastic reductions to spending, these layoffs are necessary to protect the University's cash resources. In spite of our best efforts to conserve financial resources, without an appropriation from our state government, the University will face even greater financial challenges. Should the impasse continue it would require that we make further spending and personnel decisions.

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