Sunday, April 24, 2016

State budget woes threaten community college GED programs - DUSTY RHODES, Peoria Public Radio

Illinois community colleges receive $23 million from the federal government to provide adult education classes that help people pass the GED test. But to continue receiving those funds, the state has to kick in $32 million, and prove its programs work, by showing results. Because there is no budget, the state hasn't contributed its portion this year.Karen Hunter Anderson, president of the Illinois Community College Board, says that without that money, the programs haven't performed as well. "They're not able to serve as many students, they're not able to make thelevel gains, they're not able to reach the completions, they're not ableto get students into jobs to the extent they were before, and that's goingto have an impact on the federal dollars we receive for years to come."

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