Saturday, April 2, 2016

States must protect higher education from budget cuts - Carl Karouta, Daily Texas

Time and time again, slashing education funds has proven to be a horrendous idea. Recently, the budget impasse plaguing Illinois, due to political gridlock, led to a complete loss of state funding for its public universities. It’s the age-old tale of divided government. But this time, the collateral damage could be as large as half a million students. Just at Chicago State University, the financial situation became so dire that it necessitated the cancellation of spring break and a shortening of the school year to prevent the depletion of the little money it has before students finish the semester. Many other universities and community colleges have reported that they are in danger of closing, including Eastern Illinois University, with an enrollment of 8,913. Some of these schools have even begun to lay off administrative and academic staff in order to stay afloat.

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