Friday, April 29, 2016

University of Alaska will deal with cuts, but no school can be great on short rations - Jim Johnsen, Alaska Dispatch

For the university, this future means tough choices. With our budget possibly being cut by as much as $50 million, we are faced with making deep budget cuts while at the same time meeting the educational needs of our students and our state. I’ve said all along that the university is an important and wise investment in the state’s future, and it is my intent to lead by example and demonstrate that when faced with budget adversity, we know what to do even though the choices are tough. Our budget options call for substantial reductions. These will hit us hard and they will affect our programs, our people, and our communities. The economic impact alone of severe job losses will hurt our local economies. At the same time, we must invest in key programs such as research, teacher education and health sciences, as well as the deferred maintenance of our aging facilities.

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