Monday, May 30, 2016

How to Build a Higher Ed Data System Fit for the 21st Century By Allie Bidwell, NASFAA

“One of the things everyone in this room I think agrees on is the value that data can have to improve student outcomes at the end of the day, regardless of which system or entity is responsible for the governance of that data,” said Jamey Rorison, a senior research analyst for IHEP. “When we think about investments … we’re always looking for ways to better steward those dollars. If we don’t have a really strong understanding about student outcomes, I don’t think we can make the best decisions about where those funds go.” One issue several panelists focused on was the desire for a student unit record system, which they said would allow institutions, researchers, and policymakers to answer important questions about student outcomes that are in many cases currently unknown. “If students aren’t counted in our metrics, they aren’t counted in our policies,” said Mamie Voight, director of policy research of IHEP.

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