Friday, May 6, 2016

Murray State U president making tough choices after budget cuts - Blake Stevens and Chad Darnall, WPSD

College students in our area will have the weight of final exams on their shoulders soon. In Kentucky, they might have the weight of a higher tuition. There are two options for a tuition increase: - Option 1 is 4.5 percent, which also charges students for each credit hour above 16. Currently, for a Kentucky student, the cost per credit hour is $317. It would become $331. - Option 2 is 5 percent and charges a flat rate for all full-time students. For a Kentucky student, the cost per credit hour would become $332. The new state budget calls for a 9 percent cut to schools like Murray State University over the next two years. That hit to racer nation is roughly $2.1 million. Murray State was already in the hole about $7 million

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