Thursday, May 19, 2016

NMSU faculty may be put on furlough - Lauren Villagran, ABQ Journal

University Provost Dan Howard said furloughs could be a “stopgap” measure to help bridge the university’s finances as it undergoes a major, multiyear restructuring effort while also facing short-term budget constraints. If approved, it would be the first time faculty could feel the burn of NMSU’s budget woes. “The chance of a furlough is less rather than more,” Howard said. “They are one of the options on the table to provide the stopgap.” “We’re going to evaluate every unit of the university in the mission of the university, which is teaching, research and service,” he said. “Our faculty are the heart of the institution and at the center of that mission, so the faculty are the last place you go looking for savings. That is why they have been relatively untouched in this process so far.”

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