Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Professors' sabbaticals denied during RVC budget deficit - Kelsie Passolt, WREX

Rock Valley College has a $5 million problem and it's only going to get bigger next year. That's how much money the school is still short, even after Illinois released some funding to RVC. These figures are impacting decisions big and small on campus. "Right now we're funding everything and we're funding it out of cash reserves," says Rock Valley College Board of Trustees Chairman Pat Murphy. The state budget impasse has kept RVC from getting most of its state funding this year. Illinois just approved giving the college about a million dollars, but the college is still $6 million short from the state and has had to make major staff cuts. The board is continuing to trim fat in many different areas, including professors' sabbatical requests. Two were denied Tuesday night. One of those requests could've sent a faculty member to an international foreign language program that supporters say would've made her a better educator. But, it required her to be away from the classroom for one semester and still get paid a full salary.

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