Tuesday, May 10, 2016

SMSU Cuts Costs, Balances Budget - Fernando Tabares, SMSU Spur

SMSU has balanced its budget with plans to reduce operating costs by 10 percent, which is about $200,000 and at least $75,000 in utility budget. “There are multiple departments that are contributing even $1,000 to $2,000 each just to come up with those funds,” Vice President for Finance and Administration Deb Kerkaert said. “Funding hasn’t kept up [with expenses] partially because of changes in our enrollment mix,” Kerkaert said. “We have fewer undergraduate students and fewer graduate students on campus, but we have more College Now or the concurrent enrollment students in the high schools.” The university does not bring in as much revenue with College Now or concurrent enrollment students as it does with undergraduate and graduate students. This means that although enrollment is relatively stable, the amount of money being brought in is less. http://www.smsuspur.net/news/2016/04/28/smsu-cuts-costs-balances-budget/

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