Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WIU President Jack Thomas Announces Continuing Cuts and Layoffs - Western Illinois University

Our legislators and the Governor have indicated that a budget for higher education is essential. However, even with the recent stop-gap funding, if we do not receive additional state appropriations for FY'16, the University will be forced to utilize restricted (Auxiliary Facilities Systems) funds in late summer. Because of the limited cash available, and the continuing uncertainty surrounding the state's budget for not only FY'16, but also FY'17, the University must continue to limit spending. P-Cards remain suspended. Travel is restricted, approval will only be given for essential expenditures and we will continue the current hiring freeze. There is no change in the recently announced plans to lay off approximately 110 staff members or to eliminate the furlough/voluntary pay reduction program. As announced in February, we are making approximately $20 million in reductions over the next two fiscal years ('17 and '18). When decisions are made, I will announce them to the University community.

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