Wednesday, June 22, 2016

ECC's looming layoffs will cut up to 20 support staff - Madhu Krishnamurthy, Daily Herald

Elgin Community College leaders said layoffs are coming with anticipated funding shortfalls next year due to the state's budget crisis. The college board Tuesday night adopted an $80.3 million 2017 operating budget that is balanced, staving off earlier projections of a $2.7 million deficit next fiscal year. Layoffs will be among support personnel -- anywhere between seven and 20 full-time and part-time positions could be affected, saving roughly $480,000. "Every college or university has been affected by the state budget situation," college President David Sam said. "There's a limit to what we are able to do, and for the first time we are faced with the possibility of a layoff. "We are in uncharted territory. We have worked hard to ensure that we will keep any disruption to the college to a minimum. Nobody enjoys doing this. What we are trying to do is to minimize the impact to students."

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