Friday, June 17, 2016

Editorial: Let Former Illinois Governor James Edgar mediate a state budget agreement - Daily Herald

We've got a job for former Gov. Jim Edgar. Get between Gov. Bruce Rauner and the Democratic leadership and mediate until Illinois has a budget. Clearly it's time for third party intervention. There's been no full budget for 11 months and millions of Illinoisans are suffering. The parties are getting practically nowhere on their own and the situation has devolved into derisive name calling -- the last resort of desperate people who feel they have nothing left to lose. That's a dangerous place to be. Clearly, Edgar is thinking about this. He opposes the short-term budget that right now seems like the only solution possible. He has suggested publicly that both sides dial back the rhetoric and that the governor set aside his Turnaround Agenda until a budget compromise can be reached. He downplays his own importance -- "Nothing is worse than an old governor telling a new governor what to do," he deadpanned this week.

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