Monday, July 18, 2016

Moody's: FY 2015 public, private university medians highlight overall stability, but with pockets of stress - Moody's

"Median revenue growth continues to trend positively, with a growing share of public universities generating increases higher than inflation. An improving state funding environment helps support this growth, with median state funding per student up 13% since FY 2012," Moody's Associate Analyst Christopher Collins says in "Higher Education -- US Medians - US Public Universities Largely Stable but with Considerable Sector Variability." However, 42% of public universities also had net tuition revenue growth below 3%, and these schools tended to be lower-rated, smaller institutions that draw students largely from the surrounding region. Half of Moody's-rated private universities also had less than 3% growth for this key variable. "Across the private university sector, 27% experienced declining net tuition revenue, a number which we expect to increase to approximately 30% in 2016," Moody's Associate Analyst Matthew Kuchtyak says in "Higher Education -- US Medians - US Private Universities Maintain Stability but Pockets of Stress Remain."

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