Sunday, July 17, 2016

NIU with new budget plan - Madison Kacer, Northern Star

The appropriations allocated to NIU by Illinois lawmakers will be used to fund numerous university expenses, a major expense being employee salaries. NIU was allocated $48.3 million in the six-month budget plan passed by state lawmakers on June 30, said Alan Phillips, NIU vice president for administration and finance. The funds allocated in the budget plan are for fiscal year 2017, but they can still be used to pay for expenses from 2016. This appropriation is in addition to the $26.4 million that was used as a stop-gap allocation in May. NIU was allocated $91 million for fiscal year 2015. “Because we have significantly less state funding than we have [had] in the past, we will continue to move forward while being very conservative with our expenditures,” Phillips said.

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