Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dire times for university sports: Budget cuts could mean end of popular programs at UAF, UAA - News Miner Editorial

The good news for the University of Alaska as it finds its way forward amid a difficult budget situation is it has options. The bad news is all of them are unpalatable to a broad swath of Alaskans. UA President Jim Johnsen rolled out the framework of his Strategic Pathways plan last week. Though Interior residents had known its effects would be major and far-reaching, many hadn’t prepared for the reality of what the tens of millions of dollars sliced from the university budget would necessitate. In particular, three options put forth to reduce costs in the university’s athletic departments lay bare how serious those cuts will be. Nearly all options under consideration would result in the end of the Nanooks’ most popular and successful sports teams — rifle, hockey, cross-country running and skiing.

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