Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Editorial: University of Nebraska officials tackle a budget crunch - World-Herald editorial

Tax cut proposals should be crafted so they don’t throw the budget out of kilter. Organizations need to understand that in most cases the state won’t be able to grant the entirety of their funding requests. The University of Nebraska set the proper example this year when it presented a solid, multi-year capital spending request but later accepted the Legislature’s paring down of the plan. NU had sought $22 million annually for 10 years starting in mid-2019. Lawmakers and Ricketts agreed to make it $11 million annually. That falls well short of the building renovation needs, but NU President Hank Bounds made clear that university officials understand the state’s fiscal challenge and the need for reasonable compromise. This will again need to be the approach for NU early next year, when the Legislature begins its deliberations on spending and tax policy. http://www.omaha.com/opinion/editorial-university-of-nebraska-officials-tackle-a-budget-crunch/article_75a56621-68cd-5ec6-957b-d30cc2bef2d4.html

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