Friday, August 26, 2016

KSU president says year starts with hope, work to do - David Brock, State Journal

As the trickle of students moving into Kentucky State University this week became a torrent Wednesday, the inspiration that comes with seeing young life repopulating campus wasn’t lost on interim president Aaron Thompson. Thompson laid out part of his plan Monday in an address to faculty. He said his message revolved around an ideology with teaching at its core and an emphasis on both quantitative and qualitative evaluation of student success. “It’s not just a mission, it’s a vision of what we need to do to make it happen,” Thompson said. It takes flipping the classroom so the focus is on that student.” Although he emphasized that the university will rise or fall based on quality of education, and caliber of students and faculty, the bottom line can’t be ignored. A top fiscal priority was erasing a $7.5 million budget deficit. Thompson said this year’s spending plan will be balanced.

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