Thursday, August 4, 2016

NMSU unveils new plans for development, says it will be funded by private sector - JILLIAN FERTIG, KFOX-TV

New Mexico State University unveiled its plans for future projects and expansions to the public Friday. The presentation comes after the University announced major budget cuts last month. Some of the plans included renovating the golf course, expanding the east campus to include retail and other businesses, as well as bringing more development to Arrowhead Research Park. There are also plans to build a new art facility if a bond passes. But a big question Friday was about how the projects will be funded amidst budget cuts. "We are looking to the private sector to bring in all the money to develop all these projects," said NMSU President and Chancellor Garrey Carruthers. Last month, NMSU announced it needed to cut $10.7 million dollars from its budget.

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