Sunday, August 21, 2016

U Wyoming considers beer sales at athletic events to raise revenue - Associated Press

The Wyoming athletics department is considering allowing the sale of beer at sporting events to help make up for budget cuts. "There's no chance of it happening this year, but there is more discussion amongst leadership, in athletics, at least, about whether it's time to push for it," Wyoming athletics director Tom Burman told the Casper Star-Tribune ( ). Burman says the option has to at least be considered given recent financial challenges facing the state, university and athletics department. The state has cut the university's budget by $35 million because of a decline in state revenue, and athletics has seen its budget cut. "Our competition is doing it," Burman said. "We at least have to take a look at it. We are looking at every revenue stream very closely and every expense line item very closely, and we owe it to the citizenry of Wyoming to figure out how to generate more dollars."

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